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Concrete & Some Basic Information

Concrete is a very versatile material that dates back thousands of years.  While it is used very widely in many of

todays largest structures ranging from the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty all the way to the very slab

of stone that your house is built upon, it is still a very simple mixture of earths materials.  It usually consists of

cement, sand, gravel and water.  The quantity of each of those will vary from job to job, but that is the crux of concrete. 

It is durable and will last a long time no matter what the application is. 




The Basic Facts About Concrete

Concrete has a very rich history dating back as long as 3000 BC to the Egyptians the pyramids. Concrete was used then to re-inforce the structure from the inside out.   Since concrete is more powerful under compression rather than under tension it's the perfect material for load baring structures such as columns, bridges, long spans of surface and more.  Concrete is capable of withstanding around 50,000 PSI!  That's a lot of load in a little space.  So the possibilities are staggering for both large scale and small scale implementations.  With the capability of such strengh, the imagination is really the limit with concrete. 

The picture above is of St Katherines Church in the state of Idaho.  To the untrained eye, one would think that the floor there is a rare form of precious stone like onyx, marble, granite or something else with a stain.  But in all actuality it's good old fashioned concrete.  Now we of course can't give away our secret for getting it to look like this, but this is a perfect example of the potential for what can be done with concrete when combined with a vivid imagination and some hard work. 

Basic Concrete Issues

  • Cracking - Cracks can surface from shifting ground, plants, or tree roots forcing the concrete to split
  • Staining

No matter what the issue is, Stone Masters of Idaho can handle it.  Simply contact us for further information regarding your issue and we will be happy to help!

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