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At Stonemasters of Idaho, we are floor and service experts. From marble, granite, travertine, and other natural stone, to all kinds of tile and grout. We know what it takes to make your surfaces look spectacular. Whether you are looking to restore shine, repair chips and cracks in your granite countertops, resolve uneven floors (remove lippage), enhance the color of your travertine. We do it all. If your natural stone floors, countertops, showers, and other surfaces have become dingy, scratched, stained, or just dirty looking, its time to give us a call. Whether you need a quick deep cleaning and sealing treatment, complete restoration, a minor repair, or ongoing maintenance, we can provide the services you need.

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The Basic Facts About Stone

Extend the life of the stone in your home– Learn all about types of stone and basic information regarding cleaning, restoration and resurfacing to ensure your stone installations look better and last longer.

  • Stone

    Having natural stone in your home is a wonderful thing. However, protection and maintenance are ongoing issues, regardless of it being a rock or not! It is far more than just a natural material that was carved out of the Earth’s crust then placed in your home to meet very high expectations. It is a precious stone that needs lots of attention and care to ensure longevity and a clean shine!

  • Types Of Stone

    There are many variations of how your stone becomes a material for your home. they come quarried raw, then cut, honed, semi-polished, and highly polished. Most Marbles and Granites we see are polished. Travertine and Limestone are usually honed, and slates and quarry stones are rough and raw. All stones can be cut, honed, and polished just like a diamond! In fact, it usually takes a diamond to do all of the above cutting and honing!

  • Initial Protection

    Regardless of the finish on your stone, you will need insurance on it just like a precious diamond. It is an investment and is usually more valuable than you think. Therefore, protection comes in several ways. usually sealing your stones with a stone sealer is the best. Products like impregnators are usually used on polished and natural stones. Coatings, enhancers and waxes are usually for the raw stones. If you pick a stone product, make sure it gets sealed!

  • Cleaning

    Dust Mop, Dust Mop, Dust Mop! Keep it as dry as you possibly can. Use water and “neutral” cleaners only when necessary. Know your stone before you try to clean it. all stones have a different chemical reaction to different cleaners. Some of our worst enemies to stone are the everyday household cleaners that you purchase at your local grocery store! So what do you do you ask? Don’t use them! They can and will cause more damage than good, especially over prolonged usage of them.

  • Restoration & Resurfacing

    Polished stones will most likely get etched and will need to be re-honed and re-polished. Showers, floors and countertops will be a must in most cases! This process usually needs to occur every 3 years, but depending on the application, and how often the surface sees “usage”, it can even require and annual re-honing or re-polishing to ensure optimal look, feel and lifespan. Certain types of stone such as travertine is always a debate amongst professionals. Stone Masters Of Idaho has the answers for that as well though!

  • Restoration And Resurfacing Cont.

    Restoration and Resurfacing requires expert knowledge and years of both hands-on training and experience. As with anything, you should always seek a professional opinion and see the knowledge of someone who’s been in the industry long enough to have “seen it all”. The fact is that certain materials belong in certain areas and with that, it all boils down to a science using chemistry and the art of design.

Before and After Photos

Below are a few of our before and after photos. Drag the arrows below to see the full before/after image or view our gallery to see more of our work.

Here are a few selections from our before and after photo gallery. Drag the arrows below to see the full before/after image or view our gallery to see more of our work.

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Our team of professionals are experienced and well versed in a variety of stone types and know exactly how to make all the stone in your home and business look brilliant. Whether you are looking for regular cleaning or maintenance, or have a tough stain that needs attention, Stone Masters of Idaho has the tools to help.


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